In response to this article published in the Post Gazette, “Is coming to work sick really a good idea? ‘Presenteeism’ – going to work while ill – more costly than absenteeism“, Jeff Weinberg wrote this letter to the editor. Here’s a link to the actual article published on December 27: Another case of ‘presenteeism’: Sandwich Generation caregivers

I enjoyed the article called “Presenteeism More Costly Than Absenteeism” (Dec. 15). However, you missed a very important cause of presenteeism, the working informal caregiver.

There are 15 million working caregivers in the workforce. These employees are called “The Sandwich Generation” because they are working full time and taking care of their own families and their elderly parents. These informal caregivers have added stress, more absenteeism, tardiness and presenteeism.

The article encourages employees to stay home if they are sick. However, these employees aren’t contagious — they are just unable to concentrate because they are distracted and tired and their mind wanders to many different issues at one time.

Help is available for companies through a program developed by AARP called ReAct (Respect a Caregivers Time).

These employees contribute greatly to presenteeism and need help from the companies they work at.


Senior Assistance: Creative Solutions for Seniors
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