Sue Wilson, Certified Digestive Specialist

Clearly, nutrition is critical to maintaining our health, both physically and emotionally. However, keep in mind that we don’t want to make ourselves stressed trying to follow some absurdly strict diet. So, how do we change the way we eat, maintaining a positive attitude and not creating more stress our life? Here are some basic suggestions.

  1. Learn to pay attention to how different foods make your body feel. It’s easy to give up the foods that aren’t good for you when you make the mental connection that a particular food is making you feel tired or sick.
  2. Always focus on the positive. Focus on eating healthy food, not on avoiding junk food. Treat yourself to some fresh fruit every day, some vegetables and a good salad. Eat what you know you should eat first. As your body becomes more and more accustomed to healthy food, you will gradually lose the desire for the junk food.
  3. Substitute a healthier version. For example, don’t give up sweets, eat healthier versions. Use raw, unfiltered honey, pure maple syrup, date sugar, stevia, and other more natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar. Replace margarine and hydrogenated oils with organic grass fed butter, cold pressed olive oil, avocado oil and other high quality fats. Don’t think “I can’t have this.” Instead think, “I’ll eat this instead.”
  4. Buy quality food, even if it appears to cost more. Research has shown that organic foods are more nutrient dense and don’t overload our bodies with harmful substances like pesticides and preservatives. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay a higher price later in the form of sickness and doctor bills. In the long run, eating healthy is actually easier on the family budget.
  5. Remember that it isn’t what you do once in a while that counts. It’s what you do every day.  Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods once in a while, even if they are not the healthiest. As long as you are making wholesome food choices every day, you’ll eventually discover that some foods are robbing you of energy and you’ll start to avoid them. You’ll get used to feeling good.

Sue Wilson, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner & Certified Digestive Specialist is a valuable part of the Caregiver Champion Team.  She received her education at both Trinity School of Natural Health and the Food Enzyme Institute.  Sue is also the owner of Healthy Life, a wellness company, dedicated to helping others live their best life.  Sue is able to help our clients with a broad range of nutritional counseling for multiple diagnoses including Diabetes and more complex Digestive issues.  Her article gives you some easy steps to improve your nutrition.

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